#about us


Our values


It is very important to us that our customers can understand what services have been provided and how the prices are calculated. That's why we try to make our offers and invoices transparent and clear, without any unreasonable follow-up costs or other surprises. We attach great importance to handshake agreements.


We do our work with innovation and ingenuity. It is important to us to keep an eye on the market and to be in constant contact with international and national manufacturers and dealers. This also enables us to get to know the latest techniques, try them out and, if found good, pass them on to our customers. No matter what it is, we find the best products to make your work more pleasant and easier.


We are open to your ideas and suggestions and try to discuss the planning of your stables and machines individually and together with you. The farmer is our focus and every business is unique. Because we can offer a wide range of manufacturers, we are able to provide cross-market advice that will guide you to the product that really suits you. After all, you have to get along with the product and use it to carry out your valuable daily work.


Especially in today's times when sustainability is becoming more and more important, we would like to make our statement and call for repairing the old rather than buying new. Our beautiful nature will thank us and our wallets too! In order to guarantee a long service life of the system, regular maintenance and possible repairs are essential. To plan this service, you can use our online appointment scheduling service. Tell us when it suits you best!